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Spaying and Neutering

Consider the health benefits!!

We are proud to be able to spay/neuter kittens/puppies young to prevent all kinds of issues including unwanted litters and cancers later on. We have done almost 10,000 spay/neuter surgeries since we got here in 2011. 

Cats: 2lbs or more, we can fix them!
Dogs: 3lbs or more (for most breeds) 

Upcoming days closed

April 25, May 27, July 4

New services offered

We are always striving to improve and adopt advances in technology here at Deuel Vet in order to better serve your pet's healthcare needs​
  • Check out our online link above to enter it
  • We are pleased to announce that we can now do TCI (trans-cervical artificial insemination) using an endoscope for increased chances of a successful breeding​
  • We now offer CO2 laser surgery, which enables less bleeding, shorter healing time. It is perfect for brachycephalic airway syndrome, gum hyperplasia, mass removals, and loads more!

Texting platform

We are thrilled to engage with a new texting platform to better communicate with you!
You can 
  • request appointments
  • send videos
  • send images
  • video chat for telemedicine
  • request medicine
  • pay your invoice
and soon to offer reminder services direct to your phone!
Come experience our new offerings!


Family owned and operated
Established in 2011, DVS strives to serve the community of
Salem and surrounding areas with 29 years of experience in the industry

Our clinic is equipped with modern equipment including:

  • Digital x-ray 

  • Cold laser therapy

  • In-house bloodwork machines

  • Ultra-sound

  • Surgery suite

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