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Frequently Asked Questions


We notice that the same questions area asked frequently.  We thought we would write down some of the answers for your convenience.  As always, we are here to help so do not rely on the FAQ page as a substitution for an appointment with the vet.


Why do we fast animals overnight before surgery?


Animals are intubated during surgery to deliver oxygen and anesthesia to their lungs.  However, as they are falling asleep and waking up, their swallowing reflex is sluggish.  If they were to vomit during this time period, they may aspirate or choke.  An empty belly helps prevent vomitting.


Also, fasting an animal reduces the chances of them having a bowel movement in recovery.  Fecal material can contaminate an incision and make a post-operative infection more likely.


What should I bathe my pet in?


One of our favorite shampoos is plain, old Dawn Dishwashing soap.  It is mild and has an antibacterial component.  Make sure not to use too much or you will be rinsing for a long time!  It also helps remove fleas and flea eggs while not being dangerous like some flea shampoos/dips.


Why give heartworm prevention year-round?


Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes which occur almost all year in Illinois.  Prevention needs to be given several months before the risk period and several months after it to be effective.  By the time you do that, it would be ALL year-round in Illinois.


Why can't I board my dog this weekend?


We require that your dog be vaccinated with Kennel Cough at least 4 days before they are boarded.  This is for their protection as Kennel Cough is highly contagious.  We also require that they be spayed/neutered which is again for their protection.  Unsterilized animals are often rowdy and hard to keep calm while boarding.


Why can't I go to the back to see my animal?


This is a hospital.  We keep sick animals that need to rest and be in quarantine.  It is important for your safety and the health of our patients that we follow protocol.  

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